Company History

Back in 1980 Energrated Systems Consultants was founded by Raymond Rae and Brian Goodchild to focus on improving the energy performance and operation of existing buildings. At about this time, advancements being made in low cost microprocessor technology provided an opportunity to further improve the performance of buildings. Brian spearheaded the development of one of the first direct digital control systems – which became the electronic manufacturer known as Delta Controls when it was incorporated in 1987.  The four principles who founded the business then over 25 years later, are still actively involved in the business.

Delta has always enjoyed strong growth, year after year.  First we expanded out of North America with our first international project in 1989, only 2 years after incorporation.  At the same time we were innovating the products and introduced the Intellisys system.  Within 10 years we had introduced native BACnet™ controllers integrating HVAC, Lighting and Access control.   In 2000 we launched ORCAweb, one of the very first web based operator work stations which included virtual stats (e.g. thermostat or schedule control from your computer) which were ‘apps’ before they were cool.  We were making web applications practical when the world was in dot com fever – but our online platforms continue to deliver results and we launched the enteliWEB next generation in 2010.  We stay on top of trends, bringing out our wireless solution in 2007 and in 2012 we launched a spin-off company CopperTree to respond to the emerging building information systems and analytics market. 

Geographic expansion is a natural response to demand for a great product, so we were able to bring all these exciting BMS innovations to wider markets.  We were an early entrant into China establishing our office there in 2003 and regional offices across Europe (Italy, Germany, Poland and Russia) opened in 2005 with our Brazilian office following in 2008.  All this expansion meant that we needed more manufacturing capacity so in 2008 we invested in 4,400 Sq m state of the art manufacturing and warehouse facility (with ground source heating and natural lighting and ventilation, because we are ‘Earthright’).  We continue to grow. In 2012 our employee numbers topped 300 and our products are installed in more than 80 countries across six of the seven continents.

Company History of Delta Controls