We know that building management systems make better buildings for the occupants to work in, for owners to manage and for a lower carbon planet – our building controllers help make that a reality.

We also know that ‘how’ you do business is who you are, and we are not a big corporate monolith.  Being privately owned, successful and very stable we can make decisions we feel are right. Our strategic agenda is not at the mercy of short term shareholder yield expectations. 

We are able to make commitments we stand by:

  • Our commitment to acting Earthright, which isn’t just lip service but drives manufacturing and sourcing decisions.
  • Our commitment to system continuity and value. We always ensure backwards compatibility with older products, when new products enter our range. We never force our building owners into expensive retrofits.  This means you can always build on existing Delta Systems as your buildings expand or update.
  • Our commitment to product reliability. We take pride in every Delta product that leaves our factory. Because of the end-to-end control we have over manufacturing at our Canadian HQ site, we track and maintain a history of every single product manufactured from cradle to grave.
  • Our commitment to our Partners. With great online product information, training resources and dedicated technical and sales support teams for them to call on.
  • Our commitment to our 300 staff, with great benefits, health and fitness services and profit shares.

Another core part of our identity is that we are undeniably technology gurus.  Delta Controls' in house R&D team has huge combined industry experience and very stable tenure. We reinvest a large percentage of our revenues every year into turning their brainpower into products.  You can trust we will be at the forefront of industry trends as they emerge: it is impossible to keep these guys from pushing the boundaries of controller possibilities further forward.

Delta Controls Philosophy of making Better Buildings