enteliBUS™ eBCON BACnet Building Controller

The enteliBUS Controller (eBCON) is a fully programmable native BACnet® Building Controller. The Controller supports multiple communications methods including, as standard, BACnet/IP, BACnet over Ethernet, BACnet MS/TP and Delta LINKnet. 

The Controller integrates the functions of the enteliBUS Manager and the enteliBUS Expander into a single compact module. This single module contains the primary CPU, memory storage, external communication ports, and direct I/O control for up to 4 enteliBUS I/O Modules. 

The Controller comes bundled with a controller backplane that holds up to 4 I/O Modules. A connector on the backplane allows for further I/O expansion. Up to 8 backplanes (and associated I/O modules) can be controlled from a single enteliBUS Controller module.


The enteliBUS Control System is a fully programmable native BACnet control platform. It is scalable and therefore costeffective over a wide range of applications, from low-density distributed control to high-density centralized I/O applications. 

Used together with enteliBUS I/O modules, the eBCON is a small footprint controller perfect for applications with limited mounting space. It can be expanded with additional backplanes/ modules for high-density I/O applications.


  • Native BACnet firmware
  • Fully programmable
  • BACnet Ethernet, BACnet/IP, and BACnet MS/TP communication ports
  • Modular, expandable I/O
  • Advanced fault detection & diagnostics
  • SD card memory expansion
  • Firmware upgrade & database load/ save over the network
  • LED status indications of power/ scan and communication ports
  • Small footprint, DIN rail mountable
  • Modular design provides flexibility, ease of service, and reduced cost for future upgrades


BACnet Device Profile

BACnet Building Controller (B-BC)


ARM9 32-bit RISC CPU

64 MB Flash memory

32 MB SDRAM memory

SD/SDIO card slot for memory expansion

Real-time clock (temperature compensated)

Ultracap power backup for RTC & memory


Communication Ports

Ethernet (10/100-BaseT)

BACnet/IP & BACnet over Ethernet protocols supported.

RS-485 Port (up to 76800 bps). BACnet MS/TP, max 99 devices per port

Delta LINKnet up to 76800 bps, max 12 devices on LINKnet with no more than 2 DFM devices

USB Host Port

Device Type/Addressing

BACnet address set via software


Removable screw-type terminal connectors

Wiring Class

Class 2 / SELV


24 VAC 50/60 Hz @ 6 VA

100 VA max with fully loaded I/O modules

*eBCON supplies power for up to 4 I/O Modules via the Controller Backplane.


0° to 55°C (32° to 131°F)

10 - 95% RH (non-condensing)



5.0 x 5.7 x 4.0 in. (12.6 x 14.5 x 10.0 cm)*


*Dimensions given are for eBCON package with  controller Backplane.


Backplane: Snap mounts to standard 35mm DIN rail

eBCON: Snap mounts to Backplane & DIN rail assembly


0.820 lb (372 g)

Enclosure Protection Rating







UL 916 Listed 

UL 864 Listed for UL 864 product numbers 

BTL Listed

  • enteliBUS