ORCAweb Facility Management Software for Building Automation

ORCAweb is a web-based front-end for use by both facility staff and tenants. It is a computer based Web server that connects to both the building automation network and to the facility LAN. ORCAweb is based on client-server architecture and has no limits on the number of simultaneous users. You can view graphics, device architecture, object properties, or tenant portal pages based on your specific access privileges.

ORCAweb has several functions that make it ideally suited for use in a large facility with many tenants who are connected to the facility LAN. The tenant portal pages allow each tenant to view a customizable web page that displays the status of the mechanical and lighting systems that serve their office area. The Virtual Stat® is a simple application that resides on the Windows Tray. It allows the tenant to display their current space temperature. When they double-click the Virtual Stat icon a larger, more detailed user interface is displayed. ORCAweb also has a Navigator view that displays the current system architecture and allows the operator to manipulate properties of individual objects.


  • Real-Time Navigation
  • Auto Listing of BACnet™ Devices
  • User/Group Security Access
  • Object Editing
  • Event (Alarm) Handling
  • Event (Alarm) Notifications Email
  • Event Scheduling


  • Navigator
  • Graphics
  • Tenant Portal
  • Virtual Stat®
  • Topology Diagram
  • Network Architecture
  • User Interfaces
  • Small Sites
  • Large Scale Applications