DLC Programmable BACnet Lighting Control

Delta Lighting Controller

The DLC series of controllers are fully programmable, Native BACnet™ Advanced Application Controllers that communicate on Twisted-Pair Ethernet 10-BaseT using BACnet IP and BACnet over Ethernet, or on a BACnet MS/TP RS-485 LAN. Specifically designed for lighting applications, this controller has up to 36 outputs and supports up to 4 industry proven Panasonic lighting relays per output. It also supports BACstats connected on its LINKnet subnetwork for network switches or field modules.


The DLC-P is suitable for controlling up to 36 lighting zones, switching a maximum of 144 Panasonic lighting relays. The controller can be mounted in various Panasonic relay enclosures for both new and retrofit construction projects. The DLC-P is fully programmable: GCL+ programs and BACnet objects can be created and/or modified for specific lighting applications.


  • Native BACnet Firmware
  • BACnet IP and BACnet over Ethernet communications
  • Supports switching a maximum of 4 Panasonic relays per relay output
  • Software monitoring of switch activity
  • Supports a subnet of up to 12 BACstats
  • Up to 9 Panasonic relay switches or dry contact master inputs
  • One universal analog input
  • Individual output status indication via LED
  • Supports a master override switch with built-in sequencing
  • Fully programmable in GCL+
  • Application database and controller firmware can be flash loaded over the network
  • Easy-to-mount housing

BACnet Device Profile

BACnet Advanced Application Controller



6 to 9 Binary inputs (Panasonic 2-wire relay switch or dry contact inputs with status feedback & LED status indication)

1 Universal input, with LED status indication


4, 8, 12, 24 or 36 Panasonic lighting relays

Outputs (maximum 4 relays or 6 switches per output)

Uses Panasonic WR-61-- relays

Sweeper Ports

Sweeper input port with LED status indication master override or sweeper input port, with command sequencer

Sweeper output port with LED status indication connects to another lighting controller’s sweeper input port to continue the sweeper sequence

On-board Overrides

ON scan button provides ALL ON override control

OFF scan button provides ALL OFF override control

Communications Ports

Twisted-Pair Ethernet

(10-BaseT) @ 10 MB, BACnet IP, BACnet over


Main LAN (NET1)

BACnet MS/TP @ 9600, 19200, 38400 or

76800 bps (default) (maximum of 99 devices per BACnet MS/TP segment)


Delta LINKnet @ 76800 bps (maximum 12 network sensors on LINKnet)


Removable screw-type terminal connectors


32-bit Processor

2 MB (16 megabit) Flash memory

512 KB SRAM memory

CPU status LED

Real-time clock with battery back up

Device Type

Configured as either System or Subnet

Device Address

Set via DIP switch and jumpers or software setup

Wiring Class

Class 2


24 VAC

50 VA (including Panasonic relays and switches, 4 per output)


0º to 55ºC (32º to 131ºF)

10 to 90% RH (non-condensing)


28.9 x 10 x 4.8 cm (11.05 x 4 x 1.9 in.)

861 g (1.9 lb.) with housing





UL 916 Listed


  • Centralized Lighting Control