While larger pieces of mechanical equipment typically require fully programmable controllers, smaller Zone terminal equipment (such as heat pumps, VAVs, fan coils) often have common control sequences that lend themselves well to configurable controllers which come pre-programmed with control logic for specific application(s).  Configurable controllers reduce installed cost as configurable controllers are less expensive than fully programmable controllers and don’t need to be programmed.  They simply need a few configuration parameters set during commissioning.

Delta has several lines of configurable controllers covering typical terminal unit applications.

Network Thermostats (DNT)

Delta's Network Thermostats (DNTs) integrate configurable I/O control and local LCD/pushbutton interface into an attractive and compact wall mount package. They offer pre-configured algorithms for, Heat Pump, Fan Coil, VAV, VVT, Radiation, and Humidification control.

The DNT-VAV-DG1 is a package for cooling only or single stage heating VAV applications.  It combines a DNT wall mount configurable controller with a ceiling mount VAV termination board that integrates an airflow sensor and damper actuator into a single easy to wire and mount package

VAV/VVT Network Thermostats (DZNT)

Delta Zone Network Thermostats (DZNTs) is a package of a wall unit and ceiling termination board for VAV applications similar to the DNT-VAV-DG1 but has more I/O capabilities allowing multi-stage reheat options as well as RJ45 pluggable network cabling simplifying installation requirements.

enteliZONE Controllers (eZFC)

enteliZONE is a new Delta product family designed to be a cost effective solution for HVAC zone level applications. enteliZONE combines the convenience of pre-programmed configurable algorithms with advanced features like local scheduling, trending and alarming that are typically only found on more expensive fully programmable controllers. The enteliZONE Fan Coil is the first model available in this exciting new controller family with more coming for other zone level applications.