Controllori I/O programmabili


General Purpose IO controllers need a lot of flexibility as they cover a wide range of applications. Since HVAC equipment comes in a wide range of types and sizes, HVAC controllers need to support various sizes and types of IO.  Individual pieces of HVAC equipment don’t work in isolation, to operate efficiently they need to co-ordinate their actions forming a larger overall system.  This means HVAC controllers need the ability to communicate with each other using a common language. Configurable controllers only cover specific applications so general purpose controllers need to be programmable to allow control sequence customization for any application that suites their IO mix.


Delta’s DSC/DAC line of general purpose programmable controllers have the power and flexibility to handle any application.  There are several model options covering applications from small zone terminal equipment through to large air handlers.  The DSC/DACs are native BACnet communicating controllers which means they ‘speak’ the most well known and accepted language in Building Automation.  This means they not only communicate and pass information between themselves, they also easily integrate and share information with any other BACnet enabled devices in your building. They are fully programmable controllers allowing easy customization of the control sequence to meet your site specific requirements.