Power over Ethernet Controllers (DxC-PoE)

Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a proven and accepted technology which combines high speed Ethernet communications and device power into a single cable simplifying installation wiring and eliminating the need for a local control transformer. While PoE is commonly used in applications such as IT phones and security cameras, Delta Controls is the first manufacturer to include PoE technology in a HVAC IO controller.  We offer two models of PoE controllers, the DVC-V322PoE designed for VAV applications, and the DAC-633PoE designed for general purpose low to medium IO HVAC applications.

Product Features

  •  Fully programmable BACnet Advanced Application Controller
  •  PoE combines High speed Ethernet communications and device power into a single pluggable connection for easy installation.
  •  Supports a subnet of smart field I/O devices using Deltas proprietary LINKnet protocol. (ZigBEE or EnOcean devices also supported with appropriate wireless module.)


In addition to removing the need to provide and install a local control transformer PoE provides increased fault tolerance and power management capabilities.

Improved Fault Tolerance – PoE switches will cut power to any port that attempts to draw more power than is allowed, protecting its power supply so that a single fault cannot take out power to multiple controllers.  Once the fault condition is corrected, power is restored.

Centralized Power Management – Many PoE switches include logs and can be remotely queried to assist troubleshooting power or communication issues.