Ethernet Application Controllers (DAC-E)

Delta Ethernet Application Controllers (DAC-E) are programmable I/O controllers for low to medium density I/O applications.  DAC-E’s are typically used to control unitary equipment such as packaged rooftop units, heat pumps and fan coils.  While most controllers in this range feature MS/TP communications, the DAC-E controllers feature Ethernet communications, which integrate easily into standard IT infrastructure and provide faster data transfer rates resulting in a more responsive network.

Product Features

Delta’s Ethernet Application Controllers are fully programmable BACnet Advanced Application Controllers available in low to medium I/O configurations covering a wide range of applications.

  •  Fully programmable BACnet Advanced Application Controller
  •  High speed Ethernet communications for a more responsive network
  •  Supports a subnet of smart field I/O devices using Deltas proprietary LINKnet protocol. (ZigBEE or EnOcean devices also supported with appropriate wireless module.)


Building Automation technology is steadily converging with IT.  The MS/TP networks of today likely won’t be there in the future.  This means when it comes time to upgrade your control system your wiring infrastructure may not be compatible with the controllers of tomorrow.  Investing in Ethernet today will help to future proof your wiring infrastructure.