Cybersecurity Collaboration with McAfee

With the growth in business around IoT, open connectivity, open hardware and open software platforms, hardening systems around cybersecurity and data privacy is becoming an integral part of an organization's processes.  As a global manufacturer of control systems, we understand the risks that our products could face in a building management system and as building systems become more connected, the risk increases.

At Delta Controls Inc. we have established formal processes around this need to manage security risks. We are working with McAfee’s Advanced Threat Research team, one of the world's global leaders in cybersecurity threat research and threat intelligence, to help improve the security of our products from vulnerabilities.  McAfee’s research has been invaluable and shown excellent results.  Delta Controls Inc. also continues to work closely with industry experts to ensure that our products and processes are developed using current best practices.

At Delta Controls Inc. we believe communications is critical to our cybersecurity program.  We encourage research groups to responsibly disclose vulnerabilities to our team.  Likewise, Delta Controls Inc. is committed to regularly communicating cybersecurity information to our customers and our industry.  These processes are important in our effort to broaden the understanding of the threats our products could be subjected to and the steps we all need to take to ensure secure systems. Our program includes a security center for our System Integrators and customers, gap and hardening analysis for our products and business, and an ongoing commitment to developing products that encourage secure networks.