Tempered Networks: Connect, Collect and Protect Smart Building Controls

We're pleased to announce that Tempered Networks products are now available through Online Ordering alongside your Delta Controls purchases.

Tempered Networks develops hardware and software to create Identity Defined Networks (IDN) that unify networking and security in a single platform. Tempered Networks IDN empowers you to:

  • Easily build application-specific overlay networks on existing IT infrastructure for any IP protocols, across any medium
  • Cloak LAN and WAN micro-segmentation with end-to-end encryption
  • Remotely connect buildings with dynamic IP addresses (no static IPs required!)
  • Segment IP trafffic down to the device level
  • Reduce your CapEx and OpEx by 50%
  • Achieve 97% faster deployment
  • Reduce your network attack surface by 90%

Check out the press release.