At Delta we recognize that running a controls business isn’t easy. We understand the pressures of keeping sales coming in, and keeping customer service levels high. As you grow in scale, you grown in complexity, but it is worth the stress for the financial returns. So to help our partners be more successful and avoid common growing pains, we developed the Delta Controls Business Institute (DCBI).

The industry specific nature of the DCBI, and the fact that it is designed specifically for our Partners, makes it a unique training program. This means it’s far easier to implement when ‘back in the office’ than other more general management or sales training sessions. Our program satisfaction levels speak for themselves: nearly 90% of current participants would recommend DCBI to other Partners.

The DCBI is focused on in-person training sessions supported by online materials. We have found that face to face training sessions are the most effective for three reasons:

  1. You dedicate time out of the office to developing your people so you focus on new ideas
  2. The opportunity to interact with the other delegates who have very similar businesses provides great learning opportunities
  3. The quality of the session leaders with years of business and industry experience

Want to become a member of the DCBI? Email dcbi@deltacontrols.com for more information.

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"Awesome - used real world situations & examples which were all relevant to our HVAC controls market."

– Steven Meehan

Nearly 90% of current participants would recommend DCBI to other Partners   

"I’m relatively new in my role and I found the DCBI session ‘intentional selling’ gave me lots of pointers and approaches that I’m already using successfully backin the office."

- Jhanine Camp, DDC Maintenance Sales manager, ESC automation