Earthright™ Energy Dashboard

Earthright™ Energy Dashboard

Show the world your commitment to sustainability with the Earthright™ Energy Dashboard from Delta Controls. Charts and gauges that display utility consumption are shown in an attractive, easy to understand dashboard, designed for use on the Internet, kiosks, or lobby displays. Your building’s green tips and green features are highlighted to educate tenants and encourage Energy responsibility.


The Earthright™ Energy Dashboard communicates energy savings and sustainability projects to building tenants, students, faculty and the community.

The Earthright™ Energy Dashboard will showcase your organization's commitment to energy conservation, raise the profile of the facility management team by highlighting energy saving projects to owners/occupants/ community, and educate and encourage tenants to save energy.


  • Home page displays a utility consumption summary and customized energy saving tips
  • Green Facts page provide a customized slide show that highlights a building’s energy saving projects and initiatives
  • Resource pages provide detailed charts of utility usage and savings and show comparisons between time periods, goals and benchmarks
  • Resource pages can display electric usage types such as HVAC, Lighting and Plugload
  • Weather page displays today’s weather and tomorrow’s forecast
  • Customized energy equivalencies make it easy to relate energy usage to everyday quantities such as light bulb hours, lbs of CO2, or money
  • Up to 5 locations such as buildings or areas can be created with 3 utility meters each
  • Works with touchscreen kiosks, lobby displays or the Internet
  • Energy data is gathered from Delta Historian database automatically
  • Energy Awareness