Historian Facilities Management Software for Trend Log and Alarm Data

Historian is an ORCAview/ORCAweb add-on or it can be a stand-alone application. It allows trend log and alarm data to be permanently archived to a standard SQL database. Thousands of trend logs can be stored in multiple Historian servers simply by right-clicking a trend log and then selecting “Add to Historian”.

Intelligent scheduling algorithms automatically determine the safest and most efficient intervals to archive data. Data can be backed up and stored permanently using standard database tools.


Historian is designed for facilities (small, medium or large) needing to preserve trend log and alarm data for periods of time greater than ORCAview alone can allow. Small, medium and large packages are provided as an add-on to ORCAview and ORCAweb. The Historian server package is provided as a stand-alone application.

Historical trend log information can be used for analyzing long-term operational performance, energy consumption, seasonal performance variations, and fault detection or tracing.


  • Use Historian with Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express or Oracle MySQL
  • Archive thousands of trends to multiple Historians over a WAN
  • Historian data is integrated and then viewed in the ORCAview software
  • Archive any BACnet™ compliant trend log from any vendor
  • Historian service automatically starts in the event of power interruption
  • Intelligent scheduling algorithms determine when Historian should archive trend log records
  • Archive event logs for alarm history records
  • Access Historian data with ODBC compatible applications

Operating System


  • Microsoft® Windows 2003 Server®
  • Microsoft Windows 2008 Server®
  • Microsoft Windows 2012 Server®
  • Microsoft Windows XP®
  • Microsoft Windows Vista®
  • Microsoft Windows® 7
  • Microsoft Windows® 8


PC (minimum)

  • Intel/AMD @ 1 GHz
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 250 GB free hard disk space
  • SQL Database Package
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle MySQL
  • Historian