The enteliBUS Control System is a powerful fully programmable BACnet™ controller that features modular expandable IO making it an extremely flexible controller. enteliBUS controllers can be configured for any application from low IO density all the way to very high IO density applications. In addition to being an powerful and flexible IO controller, enteliBUS controllers are also powerful BACnet routers capable of joining multiple BACnet controller network segments into a single larger network. The enteliBUS System is comprised of Automation Engines, Expanders, and IO Modules.

"The enteliBUS controller allowed us to pull the existing controllers out, leave the wiring in place and insert the new electronics in the same footprint - made it fast, easy and professional."
Mark Fulton
Integrity Automated Solutions
Brea, California, USA

Automation Engines

enteliBUS Automation Engines are the “brain” of a enteliBUS controller.  They monitor, store and execute the control logic, which is sent to the I/O modules through the enteliBUS backplanes.  There are three automation engine options:  eBCON, eBMGR and eBMGR-TCH.
  • Fully Programmable Native BACnet Building Controllers
  • BACnet/IP, BACnet over Ethernet, BACnet MS/TP, Delta LINKnet and Modbus communications
  • SD Card Memory Expansion and USB Port (s)

Expansion Modules

enteliBUS Expanders provide I/O expansion to a Automation Engine.  There are two models of Expanders: the eBX-04 which supports up to 4 I/O modules and the eBX-08 which supports up to 8 I/O modules.
Multiple Expanders can be connected together and controlled from a single Automation Engine.

I/O Modules

enteliBUS I/O modules come in various configurations to support all common control types.  Auto detecting and hot-swappable I/O modules are selected to provide the exact I/O combination needed for a given application.
  • Up to eight points per I/O module
  • Inputs: 0-5VDC, 0-10VDC, 4-20mA, 10kΩ thermistor, and dry contact
  • Outputs: 0-10VDC, 4-20mA, 24VAC TRIAC, and relay
  • Optional monitored overrides: 3-position switches and analog 0-100% levers