Delta System Controllers (DSC)

Delta System Controllers (DSC) combine the functions of a programmable I/O controller and a BACnet™ router into a single device.  As a programmable I/O controller DSCs are typically used to control larger pieces of mechanical equipment such as air handlers, chillers, and boilers.  As a BACnet router DSCs act as a ‘parent’ controller to a subnet of BACnet MS/TP devices  exchanging information and connecting these zone level devices to a larger Ethernet/IP network.

Product Features

Delta System Controllers are fully programmable BACnet Building Controllers available in multiple I/O configurations covering a wide range of applications.

  •  High speed Ethernet communications for a more responsive network
  •  Suitable for stand-alone operation, real time clock and supercap backup retains panel time and database changes through a power bump
  •  BACnet MS/TP subnet support connecting zone level controllers to the enterprise level.


As a stand-alone capable controller with subnet capability the DSC controller provides a robust network architecture.  In the event of a network interruption systems can still operate independently of the larger network without interruption.