enteliZONE VFD Integration Module

The eZVFD puts a fully functional Delta Controls enteliZONE controller in your Delta Electronics Variable Frequency Drive (VFD). With reduced hardware and wiring, easy setup using enteliWEB, and onboard intelligence, the eZVFD simplifies your network and saves you money during installation.

Use the eZVFD's GCL+ programs and internal control loops to directly control pumps and fan motors. Configure and save drive parameters in enteliWEB and load them onto other VFD devices over your BACnet network.

Save Time and Money

The eZVFD merges a fully programmable controller with your VFD. Reduce wiring, eliminate external controllers and speed up installation.

Simplify Your Network

With an Ethernet/IP connection, integrate VFDs into your Delta Controls system and configure your drives using the BACnet protocol. Daisy chain multiple drives with dual Ethernet ports.

Take Control of Your VFD

Avoid the trips to the mechanical room and configure your VFD from anywhere. With onboard control, your drive works during network faults and collects data to confirm that your critical equipment ran as needed.


Download the catalog sheet for a full overview of specs.