O3 DIN DALI - Digital Addressable Lighting Interface

The O3-DIN-DALI is a DALI® (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) lighting module for the O3 DIN Rail system. The DALI lighting module provides connectivity between your BACnet® building automation system and the DALI lighting groups installed in the same system.

DALI is the most flexible approach to lighting solutions where control is configured down to a single ballast level. A DALI system is also cost-effective due to its built-in power supply and straightforward wiring. Easy reconfiguration of lamps gives complete control to the lighting design.


The O3 DIN Rail system is a complete solution that combines HVAC, access control and lighting control in a modular system. One or more DALI lighting modules in an attached central configuration can manage up to 16 DALI groups per module, integrating these groups into the overall BACnet building automation system.

The DALI lighting module is suitable for controlling up to 64 dimmable ballasts or LED drivers per module. Designed for in-ceiling mounting, control is situated close to devices and results in more efficient wire runs. The internal power supply also means no need for extra wiring or power supply in a room-sized system.


  • Supports up to 64 DALI ballasts and 64 control devices
  • Supports 16 DALI groups and scenes
  • 1 DALI channel that monitors up to 64 control devices
  • Software-controlled 100 mA power supply to power devices
  • LED status indicators for power, module status and communication bus activity
  • DIN EN 50022-35x7.5 compliant
External Inputs

2 push buttons for Manual ON/OFF and Auto control

Spring type terminal connectors

Wiring Class
Class 2 / SELV

24 VDC, 4W max fully loaded*
* Module power is internally supplied from a
O3-DIN‑CPU through the O3 bus.

DALI Power
Guaranteed DALI Current
100 mA @ 16 V

Max DALI Current
150 mA

Software-controlled power supply

Communication Port
2-pin DALI communication port

-30° to 55°C (-22° to 131°F)
10 to 95% RH (non-condensing)

3.6 x 11.1 x 5.8 cm
(1.42 x 4.37 x 2.28 in.)

70 g (0.15 lb)


C-UL Listed
UL 916 Listed