O3 Sensor Hub

The Right Place in the Room

With a top-down view from the center of the room, the O3 Sensor Hub detects motion, sound, light, and temperature with new levels of accuracy. With a complete sensor package, O3 provides your BAS with complete, centralized input to make economical decisions and provide an industry-leading occupant experience.



The ceiling-mounted O3-HUB sensor array is part of the O3 room control system designed for the modern smart building. The sensor hub replaces multiple room sensors with a one-per-room competitive cost solution when installed together with a O3-DIN-CPU room controller.

The sensor hub provides occupant- and location-based control for the modern office or meeting space. Using the O3 mobile app, room occupants can select from a list of preconfigured settings or they can interact with the sensor hub directly to manage room comfort.



See the catalog sheet for details.