Vivotek Surveillance Solutions

Delta Controls is your source for Vivotek cameras and accessories. Integrated with enteliWEB, Vivotek IP Surveillance Solutions deliver a complete line of surveillance devices for your smart building.

Built solid for dependable surveillance, Vivotek produces a range of cameras that have been designed for tough environments, wide temperature ranges and challenging lighting conditions.


Optimize Your Bandwidth

Fully compatible with H.265 and H.264 standards, Vivotek Smart Stream technology provides better quality video while consuming less bandwidth. With advanced onboard algorithms, Vivotek cameras enhance the video quality around the objects that matter such as license plates or people. Lower your network traffic and reduce your required storage space by up to 80%.

Superior Low-light Performance

Using Smart IR II Technology, Vivotek is a leader in low-light performance. Vari-Angle IR (VAIR) and Adaptive IR (ADIR) work together to enhance image quality, increase background clarity, and give you the ability to see more with less interference.

Embedded Security for Smart Buildings

With Trend Micro IoT security onboard, Vivotek cameras are the secure choice for your smart building. Multi-layer protection ensures that your sites are secure from brute force attacks and security intrusions. Protect your data with instance damage control and intrusion detection.

Ordering Through Delta Controls

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Vivotek carries a complete line of surveillance solutions including:

  • IP cameras: fixed type, pan/tilt/zoom type, fixed or speed dome type
  • Video servers
  • Video receivers
  • NVR
  • Switches/accessories/software

To learn more about Vivotek products, download the product overview.