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As roughly 40 percent of all energy use in commercial buildings is due to lighting, incorporating lighting control into your overall building automation management strategies is essential to maximizing energy savings. Delta Controls offers a number of solutions to help get you there, be it retrofitting an older building control system, all the way to the latest ultra-green design for new construction.

Low voltage relay solutions have been around for decades, but usually so have the controls which drive them. Many feature the same simple scheduling routines controlling them that have done so for years. Bringing an existing building’s relay panels up to today’s technology with Delta is simple.  Swapping out controllers in a panel, for the Delta Controls lighting controller, that match the style of relay used, is all that is required. The DLC-G1212 is for use with GE RR relays, while the DLC-P series controller controls Panasonic 2-wire relays used by a variety of relay panel manufacturers. Updating the panel will allow better control strategies such as occupancy, photocell, astronomical clock, and common area control.  This allows the use of the same occupancy scheduling as the HVAC applications. For new construction, Delta Controls offers factory built UL certified relay panels up to 72 Panasonic relays in size using the DLC-P family of controllers.

Daylighting is the practice of using a control loop to dim lighting to meet light level requirements for space that has access to natural light through windows or skylights. Not only does reducing the lighting not directly needed affect the energy use, but provides higher occupant satisfaction by reducing glare. Delta Controls’ DDM-880 provides daylighting for lighting devices using 0-10V dimming signals.

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