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BNY Mellon Centre – Building Retrofit (US)

Building Retrofit for BNY Mellon Center USA

It was time to replace the 20 year old original building automation system (BAS) which covered more than 15,000 hard-wire control points in the 54 story multi tenanted office building.  The total area of the refit was approximately 1.2m square feet and resulted in fitting 1887 new Delta Controllers

There were two important factors in managing the BAS refit installation.

  1. The new BAS system included replacing the UL 864 listed fire alarm system which had to be operational during the retrofit
  2. Seamless and uninterrupted installation of the new HVAC system to ensure tenant comfort

This required considerable project planning to retrofit over 65 air handling units, cooling towers, pumps, lighting controls, exhaust fans, supply fans, heating and ventilation units, garage carbon monoxide control and over 1,500 Variable Air Volume (VAV) boxes.  Exceptional coordination between the installers and the building engineering team and software modifications enabled a smooth transition between systems.

The new Delta Controls system in the BNY Mellon Center Building now efficiently provides services for:

  • Primary and secondary water systems
  • Building supply air
  • Building exhaust
  • Toilet exhaust
  • Floor-based air handling system
  • VAVs and FPVAVs
  • Domestic water pump system
  • Heating ventilation units
  • Heat pumps
  • Air conditioning units
  • Lighting control
  • Stair tower pressurization
  • Firemen’s smoke control system

It offers a host of advanced features and benefits:

  • The new system is securely accessed through two advanced workstations and a webserver interface where tenants can gain access to graphical interfaces and equipment on their floors.
  • It provides the building’s operators with a fast and easy way to assess temperature problems on each floor and in their equipment.
  • Alarms are routed through workstations and the webserver to network printers and are also sent to mobile devices via email.
  • Monitors over 1,500 points integrated from the building’s new fire alarm system through a BACnet™ gateway.

The building’s management has seen significant energy savings resulting in a short ROI for the project.