Solution: Configurable Space

Not all building spaces can be easily defined from the start. Your environment needs to evolve to fit your needs. Businesses do not remain static if they’re going to grow and that growth typically means more staff. Many businesses will undergo extensive changes, reorganizations or create new departments within five years but the building control system you install today will be around much longer than that. You need to know that your building operating system is flexible enough to be able to grow as fast as your business needs.

The Delta Controls line of wireless products will provide you the flexibility you need to ensure that you can expand or reconfigure your space rapidly.  Our WNS line of sensors allows you to quickly add or move the location of sensors without the retrofit costs of a conventional wired system.  Transmit sensitivity and performance can be tuned to conserve battery life for conventional spaces or provide continuous real-time data for sensitive data storage environments. 

The WFM-ZBEE and wireless transmitter for our enteliTOUCH touchscreen both provide a wireless mesh network meaning that any device on the network can continue routing traffic so your network will be robust.  The enteliTOUCH will also provide you with a user interface right on the wall and a web server allowing you to access your system wherever you are. All without the extra cost of server software.

Our enteliBUS expandable controller can grow or shrink to meet any size of application.  The main controller has a range of input and output control modules that can be plugged together. One controller can do it all and later expansions are a snap.

This means you will:

  • be able to change the control of your space to fit your needs without the cost of expensive retrofits
  • take advantage of wireless architectures without compromising on response time
  • plan now for hardware expansion later
  • be able to utilize a touch screen interface, web server, and wireless network hub all in one device

WNS Wireless Sensors

  • Wireless sensors that you can install anywhere without wiring constraints to control architecturally challenging spaces.


  • A wireless network hub that allows you to go from wired devices to wireless anywhere on your network


  • A seven-inch touch screen interface that can provide a wireless hub and web server capabilities