Solution: Individualized Occupant Needs

Meeting individual occupant needs, allowing room occupant comfort and irregular schedules such as late night working is a typical challenge of a commercial environment.

A building control system needs to be designed to adapt to the occupancy of its users and remain cost effective.  It must achieve all this while simultaneously keeping staff and visitors comfortable. Whether your facility is an office space, retail environment, multi-tenant or multi use space, your system needs to reflect the wishes of its occupants. A good building automation system knows when you’re too hot, or when your neighbor is too cold. A good system makes a good building an attractive place to be.

Delta Controls has designed tools to ensure that the building occupants can always have a say in their comfort and environmental control. Our enteliTOUCH user interface allows you to design a custom interface to allow the people in your space to interact with their environment within the parameters you require. You can build custom displays to handle scheduling, lighting and setpoint control. This powerful device can also be a webserver allowing remote access by maintenance or service staff. Our BACstat temperature sensors allow for user adjustable overrides for your late night workers and can include add-on sensor types like humidity. You can also make sure that comfort doesn’t stop at temperature. Air quality is critical for user satisfaction. For more information about an environment, try our enhanced BACstat line of sensors which include CO2, humidity, temperature and motion all in one compact package. Whether its mid-day or you are working late, Delta Controls has given your occupants a voice for the quality of comfort in your space.

This means that:

  • users will feel more comfortable about an environment they have more control over. Facility Managers receive fewer complaints from occupants that are kept informed and have a level of control.
  • you’ll be able to have control over elements you never thought possible from the space, like schedules or custom lighting.
  • you will have access to a wide assortment of sensor data in a cost effective package.


  • A seven-inch full color customizable interface allowing occupants to set individual preferences for environments such as meeting rooms, offices or visitor areas.


  • An attractive wall stat with LCD display, setpoint adjust, and user override.  The unit also features extra sensor options like CO2 and motion. 
individual occupant needs in building automation