Solution: Multi Tenant

Delta Controls reduces the cost and complexity of managing multi-tenant buildings using individual energy metering, along with smarter maintenance management.

Managing a multi-tenant environment means having to face many different challenges to keep your occupants comfortable and happy.  No two occupants have the same preferences or daily habits. Whether your space has office environments, warehouse space, commercial retail or a mix of everything; you need the tools to keep your tenants happy.  You may need multi user access to occupancy scheduling or up-to-date usage statistics for billing.  You may need to work with existing billing systems or import schedules from a variety of sources.  Above all, you need a system that’s easy to use, convenient to access and flexible enough to meet the demands of a wide variety of clients.

With a Delta Controls building automation system, you can be assured that you will be able to bill tenants accurately, change scheduling and reduce the cost of managing complex multi-tenant spaces. Our systems control Lighting, Access and HVAC so you will have total building control from one platform. Our enteliWEB software allows you to create custom dashboards for individual users. You can put scheduling, billing and energy usage statistics in the hands of your managers. You’ll be able to set up reoccurring billing reports and have these reports emailed automatically, removing the need for any time consuming manual billing process. 

Do you already have scheduling software that you’d like to integrate with? With the Facility Scheduler you will be able to integrate with any scheduling system and take information from a server or from the web. Existing billing software integration is done through our powerful ODBC driver. You can exchange almost any information so there will be no need to learn new software for existing solutions or waste hours entering data entry into multiple systems. Delta Controls will take the stress out of multi-tenant space management.

This means you will:

  • be able to create accurate and flexible billing reports
  • have total control of all aspects of your building from HVAC to lighting and access
  • create user portals allowing your tenants to accomplish common tasks like schedule management and billing review
  • be able to integrate with existing scheduling and billing systems


  • A flexible web based server allowing custom access for a variety of users

Facility Scheduler

  • A versatile integration tool allowing you access to existing scheduling systems


  • Integration with other systems such as billing or maintenance packages


  • Our fully integrated lighting system allowing interoperability with access and HVAC


  • An easy to use access system ensuring complete control of your building from one platform