Education Building Automation Controls


Optimizing a learning environment and saving energy isn't child's play. Delta Controls can help.

Managing a school or university isn't child’s play. Budgets are spread thin, so you need to manage costs aggressively across multiple buildings. Those buildings also have specific issues, including older systems to upgrade in a school district rolling plan, or you have a mix of environments from computer centers and laboratories to lecture theaters and classrooms with particular heating and ventilation requirements. Plus, of course, you have responsibility for hundreds of students, keeping them safe and comfortable so they can achieve their learning potential. Delta Controls can help you make the grade in all these subjects. 

Delta’s Earthright energy dashboard is used in schools to clearly demonstrate how building automation controls contribute to reducing carbon emissions, which helps encourage environmentally responsible behaviors.

To find out more about our solutions to some of the problems you face, read on, and follow the links.

  • Are you managing multiple sites with high variable occupancy, such as school districts or university campuses? Our controllers can pre-program event scheduling, which saves labor and costs.
  • Universities need to be able to take charge of their own building automation system including customized solutions that only fully flexible programmable controllers can provide. Campus environments benefit from site-wide integration of lighting with HVAC and access, which reduces both installation and life cycle costs. Plus our Power over Ethernet (POE) solutions integrate the IT infrastructure meaning that as IT technology evolves your system is future proofed, keeping up-to-date with an evolving building stock.
  • In schools we know you need to balance controls for teachers (who want lots of fresh air ventilation) with cost management. Our CO2 monitoring and control strategies make your spaces healthy and efficient, balancing controls of ventilation, windows and local classroom interfaces. We also have a range of energy management tools that can help you get those students engaged in saving you money!