Solution: Air Quality & Energy Management

In schools we know you need to balance teacher controls (who want lots of ventilation) with cost management.  Our CO2 monitoring and control demand ventilation make your spaces healthy and efficient.  We also have a range of energy management tools which can get those kids engaged in saving you money!

Classrooms are more crowded than ever and demand keeps going up.  At the same time, costs need to be lowered while still maintaining a healthy environment for students.  Educational facilities need to be able to turn off non critical equipment but verify the quality of air in the space.  Scheduling should be easy, and easy to access.  Teachers need control over healthy work environments and facility managers need to deliver smart energy savings.

The BACstat range, our line of indoor air quality, CO2 and temperature sensors give you the air quality verification you need without the cost of extra sensing equipment. We’ve designed our sensors for a multitude of needs. Add our motion sensor option to provide reliable occupancy readings. Add our humidity option for challenging climates. 

Faculty and staff can take advantage of our multiuser enteliWEB software to view the quality of the air they breathe and edit schedules, reducing the need for extra ventilation and needless equipment overuse.  Our Earthright Energy Dashboard can display the energy use statistics of your building both over the web and via touch screen displays. You’ll encourage the whole school to make changes in their energy use habits and show them how their actions are making a difference.

This means you will:

  • save money on the cost of installation while maintaining top notch teaching environments
  • always provide just the right amount of fresh air to suit the people in the space without the cost of over ventilation
  • be able to customize enteliWEB experiences to show space information to the faculty will reduce user complaints
  • schedule equipment use on demand.  Select individual schedules and decide who they are visible to.
  • involve students, teachers and staff in energy saving initiatives with the Earthright Energy Dashboard


  • Compact temperature sensors with a host of options like CO2, motion and humidity


  • A fully customizable environment to provide faculty and staff the information they need to feel secure about their environment and know they’re saving money

Earthright Energy Dashboard

  • Our energy management dashboard allows the whole campus to get involved with fully interactive touch screen displays or serve information over the web