Solution: Network Advancements

Universities need to be able to take charge of their own building automation system including bespoke solutions that only fully flexible programmable controllers can provide.  Campus environments benefit from site wide integration of lighting with HVAC and Access which reduces both installation and life cycle costs. Plus our Power over Ethernet (POE) solutions integrate the IT infrastructure meaning that as technology evolves your system is future proofed, keeping up-to-date with an evolving building stock

Educational facilities steadily evolve. A growing mix of technologies in lighting, access and HVAC operations can provide immense challenges to full system integration. How long will newly installed systems last? What can you do to ensure that older buildings will be as efficient as well as newly constructed facilities? The demands of your systems are ever changing and you need controllers flexible enough to change with them. You have a well-trained group of maintenance staff, so why should you be restricted to phoning outside contractors for help with day to day issues?

Delta Controls offers a line of Ethernet compatible controllers from the work horses in your central plant to the smaller application level controllers out in the field like our DAC-E Product Line. Trusted network technology allows you to meet the growing demands of energy reporting and energy management. 

No one is more dedicated to their legacy line of controllers in the market place.  For existing Delta installations we offer a full line of Version 2 Advancement Products to help bring your old buildings up to the modern age while maintaining your existing network, and your budget. 

While you can always rely on Delta’s vast partner channel for any installation or service needs, with our easy to learn GCL programming interface, you’ll be able to train your staff to handle everything from daily maintenance to full installation of new systems and buildings. With our flexible programming interface, you’ll be able to take information from lighting, access or HVAC to apply cost saving strategies to any system.

This means you will:

  • utilize the newest hardware alongside existing products without the expense of network replacement
  • have confidence that the system you install today will prolong the life cycle of your building
  • take advantage of today’s flat architectures with a fully Ethernet capable system
  • employ Power over Ethernet (PoE) controllers allowing you to add flexibility to network architecture design and the ability to add to systems with reduced cost
  • have full custom programmability.  Always have the right fit for your application, modifying as your building evolves
  • fully integrate lighting, access and HVAC systems uncovering opportunities to save on resource use across multiple systems

DAC-E Product Line

  • System level and application level Ethernet controllers that can take advantage of new and existing Ethernet architectures.


  • VAV controllers that utilize the newest advancements in the marketplace.  Power and communication in one wire.

Version 2 Advancement Products

  • Innovations for our legacy product lines to bring the controllers of yesterday to today’s high traffic networks.

GCL Programming Interface

  • Powerful programming interface with real time data display and a host of functions to save you time.