Solution: Variable Occupancy Buildings

Are you managing multiple sites with high variable occupancy like school districts or university campuses?  Our controllers can pre-program event scheduling, which saves labor and costs.

Educational facility operators struggle to serve a wide variety of needs in the most efficient manner possible.  They are faced with large scale concerns from how a student or faculty member enters a building, to how they turn off the lights when they leave.  Buildings can vary in occupancy from just a handful of people to large events with thousands of people.  Simple energy concerns are magnified across multiple buildings all trying to react to variable loads .  You need real time data, one simple interface, flexible reporting and the power to change every system in your building.

A Delta Controls ORCAview system allows you to schedule lighting, access and HVAC all from one intuitive software platform, while our ODBC drivers allow your core systems to integrate with any existing software onsite. 

enteliWEB’s flexible multiuser interface allows the creation of new reports in seconds, responding to system failures as they happen and displaying real time energy data to help you make the right decisions about the operation of your facilities.

Our scalable enteliBUS hardware ensures that you will be able to control any system no matter how large or small.  A range of input and output modules, can be mixed, matched and added as required.

This means you will:

  • never have to train on multiple platforms again to work with the systems in your building
  • be able to train new staff quickly in lighting access and HVAC operation
  • easily integrate new peripheral systems and quickly implement new ones
  • be able to customize user created dashboards to allow or restrict access at every system level
  • build and display custom reports in seconds using any data points in your system
  • have scalable hardware meaning you’ll never have to pay more than you should to handle systems of any size


  • Lighting, Access and HVAC all on one software platform


  • Integration with other systems such as accounting or maintenance packages


  • A powerful user interface allowing all the managers of a campus separate views into the system


  • Scalable hardware ensuring that you can integrate with any system you need to control