Healthcare Building Automation System


We care about making buildings healthier.

Hospitals are very challenging environments to manage, controlling access with high volumes of visitors and staff, precise and responsive operating theatre environments, equipment that needs to be secured, specialist theatre lighting and important healthy ventilation controls. Healthcare has to balance managing public areas with highly secure environments, in the same facility.  All this complexity can be managed from one work station or remotely via the cloud with customizable software and easy to use graphic interfaces.

Budget choices between facilities and care are difficult, so demonstrating cost controls and reducing energy usage is a real benefit Delta Controls can provide, making sure your energy manager can adapt building performance, not just view it!   Plus, when facilities are expanded or upgraded having the most interoperable BACnet™ platform in the industry will give you flexible choices to ensure your solution can evolve with you and you are not tied in to expensive proprietary systems.

To find out more about our building automation solutions to some of the problems you face click on these descriptions:

  • Keeping buildings healthy, especially in areas where you need to manage room pressurization for disease control, requires specialist HVAC expertise and our fully programmable controllers will ensure you have the exact building automation system you need.
  • Be able to operate ventilation and access from the nursing floor with our easy enteliTOUCH user interface to make sure your environments adapt to changing conditions.
  • With the large numbers of staff involved in 24hour care, having an access system with no keys makes it simple to manage restricted areas and our alarm notification can ensure if there are intrusions you receive notification via PCs, tablets and phones.