Solution: Disease Control at Healthcare Facilities

Keeping buildings healthy, especially in areas where you need to manage room pressurization for disease control, requires specialist HVAC Automation expertise, and our fully programmable controllers will ensure you have the exact system you specifically need at healthcare facilities.

Operating Rooms, Isolation Rooms, Emergency Rooms,  they are all critical care environments with drastically different challenges for environmental control.  One thing remains common across all of them; control must be precise, timely and reliable.  Your staff needs to be able to focus on the tasks at hand to provide first rate care and preserve lives.

The Delta Controls partner channel employ's some of the leading industry experts in healthcare environmental control.  They utilize our powerful GCL+ programming interface to put their expertise into the systems that run your healthcare facilities.  Our fully programmable line of DSC and DAC controllers provide the flexibility you require from your controls system.  enteliWEB, our customizable interface, allows you to create multiple users, each with unique views of the system, with specific access to individual sections of the buildings.  Users will only be able to see what you want them to and because it’s a web server, you can control your building systems, change schedules and view critical data from the maintenance room or the nursing station or anywhere else you have someone who needs control.

This means;

  • you will never have to compromise a patient’s health or safety for a system that can’t do what you need it to
  • you’ll have access to a wide variety of powerful controllers to meet every equipment need
  • the power will be put into the user’s hands allowing each group access to the critical aspects of building control that they need without exposing the rest of the system


  • A programming tool virtually without limits, allowing experts the flexibility they need for precise control

DSC Product Line

  • Robust system level controllers, providing the backbone of your system with the reliability you need

DAC Product Line

  • Fully programmable application level controllers allowing custom control


  • A single piece of software that is a server allowing for multiple users with customized access to the system