Solution: Managing Restricted Areas at Healthcare Facilities

With the large numbers of staff involved in 24-hour care, having an access system with no keys makes it simple to manage restricted areas and our alarm notification can ensure you know if there are intrusions.

Hospitals and healthcare automation has complex needs when it comes to access management. A hospital needs to be open and welcoming to the public, whist at the same time protecting areas such as pharmacy storage and surgical environments.  The sheer number of people involved complicates the management of intricate levels of access. If these elements are not handled properly, key personal could be denied access to vital resources and the application of critical care could be slowed. When incidents do occur, full traceability of staff movement will help solve issues that arise.  Multiple systems provide challenges at every level to the day to day operation of your facility. Interaction with your building needs to be simplified leaving your key personnel with the time they need to focus on their duties.

Delta Controls provides fully integrated Access, Lighting and HVAC control, all accessible from one software platform.   Our keyless access system provides an easy to learn solution to complex access needs.  Fine tune access for individuals or groups of users for single points of access.  Keep a log of individual user activity to track areas and who has used them.  Our Lighting and Access control systems are accessed from the same software so you can take advantage of access data to form an automated lighting system.  You can schedule these elements together or separately using our intuitive schedule interface.  You can also take advantage of your existing scheduling systems using the Facility Scheduler.  This software allows you to bring data into your Delta system from other platforms so you will never have to duplicate schedule work.

This means;

  • you’ll have all your building automation systems on one platform reducing your training costs and increasing competency with building systems
  • staff will spend less time worrying over multiple systems and have more time for patient care and administration
  • you can take advantage of energy saving initiatives that span every aspect of building control.  Multiple system integration provides more opportunities for cost savings


  • Delta’s card based access system with integration to biometrics, CCTV and a broad range of other peripherals


  • An easy to use lighting system allowing for quick access to scheduling and opportunities for cost savings


  • A robust line of fully programmable DDC controllers

Facility Scheduler

  • Schedule integration platform allowing for pass through of data from other scheduling systems