Solution: Nursing Station Automation

Be able to operate ventilation and access from the nursing floor with our easy enteliTOUCH user interface to make sure your environments adapt to changing conditions.

Nurses today have more training and responsibility than they ever have before. Whether they are an RN, Nurse Practitioner or an LPN, the scope of duties and the training required to perform those duties has grown each year.  In addition to patient care, nurses are needed to keep many systems in a hospital functioning.  Critical areas need to be monitored and logs need to be kept of who has had access.  With increased patient loads, nurses need to be able to access these systems quickly and efficiently with a minimum of training.

Delta Controls gives you the options for a number of different interfaces to fit your needs.  For nursing station Automation or out in the field Delta offers the enteliTOUCH.  The customizable seven-inch touch screen display allows access to lighting, HVAC and access control all from one interface.  Its full color graphic capabilities allow you to create intuitive displays for any system you want.  For even deeper access into your Delta system, we have enteliWEB.  Our web server allows admission from any PC or terminal that has access to your WAN.  You can create custom dashboards for any commonly used system features in addition to the ability to restrict access based on the individual user or user group.  With one piece of software you can create multiple workstations in your building designed for specifically designated tasks.  Use enteliTOUCH, enteliWEB or use both to create just the right access to your building for your staff’s needs.

This means;

  • nurses or other staff will always have convenient access to the core systems that they need
  • system access will not be limited to costly single purpose work stations
  • you’ll be able to grant access or deny rights based on your system design
  • your staff will only have one interface to learn for access, lighting and HVAC control


  • Seven-inch full colour graphical user interface


  • Powerful web hosting software allowing customized dashboards from any PC or smart device