Hospitality Building Automation Controls


There is never the same day twice in hospitality and we know the demands on each of your buildings is just as unique.

“There is never the same day twice in hospitality and we know the demands on each of your buildings are just as varied”

Physical management of hotels, casinos and restaurants is all about controlling costs, comfort and safety.

Costs - Hospitality cost management is directly tied to occupancy; so you can rest easy knowing that with Delta Controls you can integrate building automation controls with your reservation system so that rooms not in use automatically sets back, saving you money immediately.

Comfort - Integrated HVAC, lighting and access controls means flexible and secure comfort for your guests which they can control at a room level. 

Safety – Fire is a real risk in kitchens, making sure you have the right ventilation to mitigate smells. Our building controllers can integrate with fire systems and we have products with UL864 certification for smoke evacuation.

Prestige – Our full color touch screen user interface allows guests to adjust their environment using stylish 3D graphics.

To find out more about our solutions to the problems you face, click on these descriptions:

  • As a premium hotel you worry about retaining a prestige image and using our enteliTOUCH individual touch screen room controller could give you an edge – it can even have messages for your guests programmed into it.
  • Event management has so many details to control you don’t want to overlook the HVAC and reduce the event success because of guests being too hot or too cold, which in large flexible spaces can make for complicated HVAC and lighting – don’t worry our powerful GCL+ programming language can solve your problems and even help in reconfigurable room spaces.
  • We understand that your car park has some special management issues to make sure it stays safe and secure.  Our systems monitor carbon monoxide levels to automatically ventilate when needed and integrate with CCTV and electronic gates to control access.  Because we are Canadians, we also know about winter heating requirements with block-heater controls and ramp de-icing solutions!