Solution: Car Park

We understand that your car park has some special management issues to make sure it stays safe and secure.  Our systems monitor carbon monoxide levels to automatically ventilate when needed and integrate with CCTV and electronic gates to control.

Managing a car park is difficult. There are multiple building automation systems involved and you need to know about each of them. The entrances to the car park all need to be secured and monitored. Visitors, tenants and employees need to be accounted for and tracked. Access rights to doors and gates for all people in the building need to be managed. The card access system needs to be integrated with the parking system to determine if the lot is full or has available spaces. The CO levels in the car park need to be monitored for safe levels and lighting needs to be operational to ensure safety.

Delta Controls can enable you to view all of this information on a single screen. Specific views can be created to view the car park as a single system giving you the power to manage it. Our ODBC driver can be utilized to create powerful integration to other systems. enteliWEB is our management software that enables you to create views of systems and equipment that show the entire picture.

This means you will;

  • monitor CCTV cameras on all areas including doors and gates.
  • quickly monitor escalating situations.
  • monitor and control who is in your building.
  • view safety levels and respond if necessary.
  • manage access to the car park to prevent overflow.


  • A flexible web based server allowing custom access for a variety of users


  • Integration with other systems such as billing or maintenance packages


  • An easy to use access system ensuring complete control of your building from one platform


  • CO monitoring and the delivery of sufficient fresh air