Solution: Event Management

Event management has so many details to coordinate you don’t want to overlook the room temperature and reduce the event success because of guests being too hot or too cold, which in large flexible spaces can make for complicated HVAC and lighting – don’t worry our GCL+ programming language can solve your problems and even helps in reconfigurable room spaces.

There are many variables to keep track of for event management.  The catering has to be on time and satisfying.  Sound systems have to be prepped ahead of time and work flawlessly.  Special seating and table requests have to be accommodated.  Everything has to be well planned out for an event to be considered successful and with each event; your reputation is on the line.  Any mistake can mean attendees may search out other venues for future events.  And with all that to worry about, you have to deal with last minute bookings and ever changing plans.  Critical details can fall by the wayside, like access booking and room comfort.  You pride yourself on the little details.  You can’t afford to let any slip by.

Delta Controls makes it easy for you to maintain your standards for every aspect of a special event.  Use our enteliTOUCH full color graphic interface for on the spot room booking, lighting and comfort control.  You can create custom screens to make any change easy weather it’s booking the room or setting scene lighting.  Our fully programmable controllers utilize our GCL+ library allowing for smart start or smart stop algorithms meaning that if you book the room for three o"clock you can be sure that the room will be up to temperature and that your guests will be comfortable.  Use our easy to learn scheduling interface or use Facility Scheduler to integrate with existing booking systems.  There will be no need for staff to learn new software if you already have a solution.  Using a Delta Building Automation System, you can be sure that the room will be ready, the lights will be perfect and that you’ll always be able to respond to any situation.  Delta will help you remember the little details.

This means that:

  • You’ll be able to book or change booking for any rooms on the fly
  • You can take advantage of our advanced start and stop algorithms to ensure the room is ready when you book it, not sometime afterwards
  • You can have a full color touchscreen display for any of your regular daily functions
  • With Facility Scheduler, you can take advantage of any existing scheduling system you have without having to learn something new


  • Seven-inch full color graphical user interface


  • A powerful and easy to learn programming tool

Facility Scheduler

  • Schedule integration platform allowing for pass through of data from other scheduling systems