Solution: Premium Hotel

As a premium hotel you worry about how to retain prestige and using our enteliTOUCH individual touch screen room controller could give you an edge – it can even have messages for your guests programmed into it.

Style is an important part of your brand.  Everything from the overall décor of a room, to the way the bed is made reflects the careful attention you pay to your guests.  Every aspect of their experience in your hotel must be perfect and memorable. 

That wonderful experience could end when you guest tries control the temperature.  How many complaints does your hotel get due to temperature control problems?  How many survey responses negatively impact your guest satisfaction scores simply because of comfort issues?

Whether it’s a jet lagged guest who can’t figure out how to change the temperature in their room, or a major conference that is ruined because everyone is too hot – comfort is clearly one of the most important aspects of a guest’s experience.  So why then do you rely on the ugliest, most unintuitive, least capable thermostats for something that you ask each and every guest to rate?

The Delta Controls enteliTOUCH touchscreen interface is slim, stylish and modern.  Its screen is sharp, bright, but most importantly, customized for your hotel.  Everything from the hotel logo on every screen to the color scheme of the interface will perfectly reflect your brand message.  The touchscreen controls are easy and intuitive just like your smartphone.  Put enteliTOUCH devices everywhere from conference rooms to guest rooms and you will find a new way to delight your guests!

This means you will;

  • provide elegant customized touchscreens that reflect hotel branding and color schemes
  • advertise hotel services and message guests over the network
  • take advantage of energy savings when the room is unoccupied via occupancy sensors
  • take advantage of wireless architectures to avoid costly wiring retrofits.
  • be able to utilize a touch screen interface, web server, and wireless network hub all in one enteliTOUCH device
  • an easy to use customizable interface into your system