Leisure Building Automation System


Helping you stay on your game, each and every day.

You need flexible building automation controls so that your stadium can hold a football game one night and a trade show a day or two later. You need quality environments for your premium VIP hospitality areas. Delta’s controls are highly sophisticated and can be programmed to make sure you can create and adapt the heating, lighting and access systems according to changing needs. 

Our HVAC systems ensure you've got humidity levels and water temperature in swimming pools precisely regulated and our access products make sure that only paying guests access facilities.  

Room’s heating and lighting can be controlled by the occupants for their comfort – but our easy to use software means you can track and adapt building performance from anywhere. 

Plus our Earthright dashboard can be displayed in communal areas to show your active commitment to managing the carbon footprint of that site, which has been shown to encourage more energy aware behaviors.  

To find out more about our solutions to some of the problems you face:

  • We love ice hockey in Canada, and we know better than most that perfect ice (not too hard or soft) needs the best controllers to precisely regulate refrigeration. Across the world, we have also made sure that all the Arena lights come on as programmed for game day too!
  • You worry about protecting your valuable assets which might be rare birds needing a humid tropical environment at a zoo, or priceless works of art.  Our best in class HVAC controllers will ensure you can precisely manage environmental conditions even in very large spaces and our Historian product means you can track conditions to provide proof of environmental controls.
  • Smaller leisure environments like swimming pools where you need to control water pH, changing room humidity and even pumps for fountains and water features; or smaller sports fields where making sure the lights are only on for practice sessions and games, linked to your schedule – our sensors and controllers can make sure you are in control and saving money.