Solution: Ice Rinks

We love ice hockey in Canada, and we know better than most that perfect ice (not too hard or soft) needs the best controllers to precisely regulate refrigeration. Across the world we have also made sure that all the lights come on as programmed for game day too!

Ice rinks have come a long way in terms of quality control and efficiency.  Efficiencies are getting furthered by technologies like co-generation that take advantage of the excess heat being created by the cooling of the glycol or brine solutions for the ice.  Still more technologies are used to create electricity for use in the building based off that same cooling system.  Where these technologies often fall flat is failing to truly integrate with the rest of the building.  If the communication from your core system ends at the ice plant or requires a gateway for interoperability you can be sure that you will miss money and energy saving opportunities.  The key to a successful cogeneration system is that all the parts of the system are working in harmony.

Delta Controls can offer you a fully integrated BACnet™ solution for your ice generation system and the facility that houses it.  Our DAC and DSC controllers are fully programmable using our easy to learn GCL+ programming platform. So you’ll be able to take control of any equipment in the building. Whether it’s the ice generation equipment in your mechanical room or the air handling units serving your seating area.  Our expandable enteliBUS controller will allow you to handle all of your co gen equipment on one controller.  Any size system can be accommodated.  Having all the pumps, valves and other equipment in the cooling plant on one controller allows you to implement more complex control algorithms in a fraction of the time it would take on a distributed control system.  Having a Delta Controls system ensures that your building is truly integrated.

This means that;

  • you will have true full building integration of your ice plant systems including any cogen configurations
  • you’ll be able to take advantage of advanced energy and money saving algorithms using our flexible programming system
  • any size of central plant can be put on one controller ensuring that your system is programmed easily and working efficiently

DSC Product Line

  • Robust system level controllers, providing the backbone of your system with the reliability you need

DAC Product Line

  • Fully programmable application level controllers allowing custom control


  • A programming tool virtually without limits, allowing experts the flexibility they need for precise control


  • Scalable hardware ensuring that you can integrate any system of any size