Solution: Protecting Your Assets

You worry about protecting your valuable assets which might be rare birds needing a humid tropical environment at a zoo, or priceless works of art, or even your customers.  Our best in class HVAC controllers will ensure you can precisely manage environmental conditions, even in very large spaces and our Historian product means you can track conditions to provide proof of environmental controls.

Most building spaces allow for some flexibility with the control of the environment in the name of energy savings.  But when the environment is critical to a space’s needs, whether that be an exotic animal enclosure at a zoo or work of art, you need a control system that can ensure precise management of environmental conditions, tracking of those conditions, and making sure that only authorized personnel can make changes to, or even enter the space.

All Delta Controls controllers have the ability to use advanced closed loop algorithms to provide the closest level of set point control as possible.  That includes temperature, humidity, air quality and even lighting.  Our enteliBUS range of controllers are flexible enough to use the most appropriate sensor type for the job whether that be 10k, 0-5V, 0-10V, 4-20mA or 1k RTD. Immediately processing the information to make the best decision controlling the outputs to maintain ideal conditions.  Animals thrive in their native habitats, and a big part of that environment is lighting.  Using the DDM-880 lighting dimming controller, you can help recreate their native habitat as closely as possible.  Controlling the environment can mean little if you cannot control who has access to the space so the ADM-2W704 access door module gives you the confidence that only authorized people at authorized times can enter the space.  Peace of mind is also only attained if you can look into the past to see exactly what has occurred for the entire environment, and that is what the Historian data archival software package gives you; a means to look back at all of the conditions in the space for a virtually indefinite period of time.

This means you will:

  • Accurately control all of the environmental conditions of the space
  • Control who may enter and when they enter the space
  • Record all of that information so that it can be reviewed at any time


  • Powerful controllers with a large selection of plug in modules which can be tailored to fit any control needs


  • Dimming control to maintain exacting light levels for any environment


  • 2 door controller with connections for card/fob access readers with optional biometric sensors to control admittance into a space