Solution: Smaller Leisure Environments

Smaller leisure environments such as swimming pools, where you need to control water PH, changing room humidity and even pumps for fountains and water features; or smaller sports fields where making sure the lights are only on for practice sessions and games linked to your schedule – our sensors and controllers can make sure you are in control and saving money.

For a leisure facility, control of your building doesn’t end at an office or a warehouse or a suite.  Building control doesn’t fit in an easily defined box.  You need a controls system that can handle anything.  Swimming pools, fountains, outdoor lighting, steam rooms; your facility is comprised of many unique systems.  A number of these systems may be fighting against each other. Separate control for these systems costs more in maintenance, wastes energy and money saving opportunities, and requires more training for staff.  You need one system that will handle it all efficiently and easily.  You need a Delta Controls system.

With full BACnet™ interoperability and our ODBC driver, Delta ensures that you can integrate with any equipment onsite.  We support MODbus and have an M-bus Gateway to bring a variety of metering equipment into the mix.  If your building uses it, then we can track it.  Take advantage of every cost saving opportunity with our enteliWEB Energy Portal.  Build custom reports in seconds and view real time data to track where your building is using a resource and how much it’s using.  Customize levels of access into the system and get everyone in your facility involved.  If you have a staff member that would only be concerned with scheduling, customize their view to so that’s what they’re presented with.  Because enteliWEB is a webserver, you only need a PC with an internet browser access the system.  Use our BACstat, combo CO2, temperature and humidity sensor to tackle a wide variety of environments all in one cost effective package.

This means that:

  • Every Building Automation System, large or small can be brought onto one convenient network
  • With our wide variety of metering support, you’ll be able to monitor any resource you need to track, like electricity, steam or gas
  • You can get your staff working with the system for one low cost and minimal training
  • With the BACstat you’ll be able to combine expensive sensor equipment


  • An open communication protocol allowing integration with almost anything

M-Bus Gateway

  • A dedicated Meter Bus gateway, allowing communication with some of the world's most popular metering technology


  • Versatile web server for front end software focusing on ease of use for new users and powerful display and reporting capabilities for energy management


  • CO2, temperature, humidity, and motion sensor all in one package