Manufacturing BMS Controls

Manufacturing & Industrial

Where temperature, humidity or security are critical issues we have solutions.

We manufacture our own building automation products at our Canadian Headquarters, so we know exactly the issues you face managing costs precisely, controlling shift patterns, ensuring safety of staff during the manufacturing process; and making sure the finished product stays in top quality condition in the warehouse.  Above all, we understand the importance of keeping the manufacturing line running and producing product.

We've made sure that our heating, lighting and security systems integrate to optimize our manufacturing site. Our access systems can register employees shifts, our lighting and heating responds to occupancy levels and we care for our high-tech equipment by closely monitoring and adjusting humidity and temperature levels. We can even use our Historian product to demonstrate the consistent environment our product is stored in before shipping – which you can use to demonstrate equal quality controls to your customers.

To find out more about our solutions to some of the problems you face:

  • Pharmaceutical and life sciences need scientifically accurate controls to ensure the continuous temperature of specimen refrigeration, safe fume hood ventilation and other space pressurization and ventilation issues (even deep underground!).
  • Logistics management isn’t just trucks and software, as you know, it is also about calibration of meters for exact and constant temperature and humidity warehousing environments and access controls ensuring the gates open only when they should, ensuring smooth supply and dispatch.
  • Food Production - who know ripening fruit was complex?  Our sensors and controllers have regulated humidity, temperature and gas environments precisely, and historian can help you prove it – just as those supermarket customers demand.