Solution: Food Production

Food Production, who knew ripening fruit was complex?  Our sensors and controllers have regulated humidity, temperature and gas environments precisely, and historian can help you prove it – just as those supermarket customers demand.

Food production requires precision control over any environment the food enters during its process.  Minute fluctuations can lead to spoilage or otherwise unsellable product.  Not only must each stage in the process be expertly maintained, but it has to be impeccably documented as well.  You need a system that is robust enough to run 24/7 without fail.  Malfunction may cause wastage in minutes.  Alarms for any deviation need to be acted upon as they happen with no delay.  You need a system that meets your needs from a company that understands your business.

Delta Controls provides the reliability you need.  Our products have been used in the greenhouse production of foods, the distribution and subsequent retail environment. With our DSC line of system controllers and our DAC line of application controllers you’ll be able to select just the right size of controller to fit your needs.  They are fully programmable with our GCL+ programming language so you won’t be tied down to simple control algorithms for complex applications.  When you use enteliWEB as your operator interface you’ll gain access to our advanced alarm reporting and configuration tools.  Set up individual alarms to email to different people or distribution groups.  Alarm creation is a snap using our intuitive interface, so you’ll be able to create new alarms on the fly to deal with different problem areas in your food production process.  enteliWEB allows for rapid creation of trends and reports as well.  You won’t need a separate expensive verification system because you’ll be able to create every report you need.

This means;

  • the correct personnel will immediately be alerted to variations in environmental conditions
  • you’ll be able to create new alarms quickly and easily
  • you’ll be able to handle any control situation with fully programmable controllers
  • you can use drag and drop functionality to create any report you need
  • your goods will be monitored, when you are not able to be there

DSC Product Line

  • Robust system level controllers, providing the backbone of your system with the reliability you need

DAC Product Line

  • Fully programmable application level controllers allowing custom control


  • A programming tool virtually without limits, allowing experts the flexibility they need for precise control


  • A user interface server that allows for rapid configuration of alarms and reports