Solution: Life Sciences

Pharmaceutical and life sciences need scientifically accurate controls to ensure the continuous temperature of specimen refrigeration, safe fume hood ventilation and other space pressurization and ventilation issues (even deep underground!).

If your facility is housing pharmaceutical or life science operations then your space is not like others.  You require precision control, immediate notification of temperature or pressure deviation and a flexible system for report generation.  You need to be able to carry out tasks like thermal mapping without interrupting normal operations.  Thermal validation requires accurate temperature measurement in a portable package.  These systems can be costly and complicated to operate, requiring offsite personnel that may interrupt your day to day business.  You need an integrated solution for ongoing environmental control and validation.

Delta Controls has developed a number of tools to help you validate that your environment is being maintained according to your strict parameters.  Start with our WNS line of wireless temperature sensors for rapid reconfiguration of your temperature sensing network.  Configure parameters like update polling intervals and deviation rates to ensure that you’re getting just the right data.  Use our remote thermistor option for harsh environments or tough to reach areas.  Reconfiguration is easy with our enteliMESH technology.  Dynamic routing ensures that you’ll be able to go after hot or cold spots in any area without having to fear signal interruption.  A programmable input allows for fume hood operation or user override. Our products are also used to directly control fume hood operation. 

Our DAC and DSC line of controllers are fully programmable so any operations are possible.  Use our powerful enteliWEB software to create and customize reports or alarms in seconds.  Simple drag and drop functionality allows users of any skill level to quickly create dynamic reports from multiple points of data.  Schedule reoccurring reports and send them out via scheduled emails or log them in the system for later review. Cut your reliance on costly and complicated temperature systems.  See what Delta Controls has to offer.

This means that:

  • you’ll have a system flexible enough to ensure that you can hunt down any problem temperature area or flawed stage in your process
  • enteliMESH wireless technology will give you the reliability you need while allowing for rapid system reconfiguration
  • continuous reporting and easy report configuration will allow you to dynamically display any system data you need
  • easy alarm configuration and email functionality will ensure that you will be able to take immediate action on any environmental issues in your facility

WNS Wireless Temperature Sensors

  • Flexible wireless sensors with configurable reporting parameters

enteliMESH Controllers

  • MESH enabled wireless controllers with dynamic routing capabilities

DSC and DAC Controllers

  • Fully programmable wired controllers allowing for full control over any system


  • A powerful workstation server with unparalleled alarm and reporting functionality