Solution: Logistics

Logistics management isn't just trucks and software, as you know, it is also about calibration of meters for exact and constant temperature and humidity warehousing environments and access controls ensuring the gates open only when they should ensuring smooth supply and dispatch.

A warehouse is a busy place. Goods are being dropped off and picked up continuously. The safety of the goods is a concern as well as the environment that they are stored in. If the temperature or humidity of the warehouse is not maintained then the goods may be spoiled or ruined. Accurate readings are required in order to maintain even temperature and humidity control. Controlling and monitoring access to the area is critical to prevent loss and theft.

With Delta Controls, you can maintain constant temperature and humidity control using our HVAC controls. In cases where running wire just isn’t possible then wireless solutions are available to monitor areas where traditional wired sensors can’t. Need to move some sensors to a different spot? With Delta’s Wireless solution, it’s as easy as moving the sensors to the new location.

Knowing the warehouse conditions is one thing, but do you know who is in the warehouse? Delta’s Card Access system can you tell you who is in, when they got there and when they left. You can set specific times to access the area or require approval before entering. Each transaction is recorded in our Historian database so it can be looked up at a later time. What’s more? All of this HVAC and access can be integrated, monitored and controlled with our enteliWEB solution.

This means you will;

  • run reports on who has access to your warehouse and when.
  • maintain and control HVAC conditions in your warehouse
  • control strict access to the area.
  • using dashboards with enteliWEB the user can view all activity in the warehouse from a single location.


  • A flexible web based server allowing custom access for a variety of users


  • Integration with other systems such as billing or maintenance packages


  • An easy to use access system ensuring complete control of your building from one platform


  • Sensors and other devices to overcome wiring difficulties, architecturally sensitive areas and changing areas.