Sustainability Building Automation System


Earthright – it isn't a word, it is part of our philosophy.

We worry about the price of fuel and how much cars burn, we recycle our plastic packaging but we don’t think enough about the impact our buildings make on the environment. 30% of world energy usage comes from buildings, a greater impact than all the worlds cars! As we start to enter an age of ‘smart buildings’ we will be able to reduce that number. One of the significant benefits of an integrated building automation system is the ability to run buildings more energy efficiently. 

Since its inception Delta Controls has been actively helping reduce the environmental impact of every site our building management systems support. Our products help reduce the energy consumption of buildings, on average by 1.48 lbs of CO2 per kwh of electricity used. Or put another way 6 to 10 trees would have to be planted to offset each ton of carbon dioxide saved by a Delta Controls building project. We all have a part to play in this changing world of limited natural resources. We call our commitment to making buildings better for the environment Earthright.

More buildings are now being designed to load-shed so that they can work with a ‘smart  power grid’ to manage peaks in demand. We are excited by these developments and where ever this ‘green’ technology develops you can be sure Delta Controls will be there helping bring new Earthright developments to your buildings.

To find out more about our solutions to some of the problems you face:

  • LEED requirements along with our LEED experiece, can not only help "program" your building to be energy efficient, but our customizable energy dashboards will help you win LEED education component points
  • Demand response rebates from utilities can be achieved when your building can automatically integrate to energy rate changes by switching core and non-core energy applications.
  • Retrofits, when compared to new construction, are percieved to be tougher to achieve energy efficiency, but by helping make older buildings compliant we will quickly reduce the carbon impact of buildings. We can help in practical ways like reusing old GE lighting relays with new controllers, or using wireless controllers eliminating the need to rewire everything.