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Scandic Hotel (Germany)

Building Automation for Scandic Hotel Germany

Scandic hotels have been working to eliminate their fossil carbon dioxide emissions and have received several eco certifications in recognition of their efforts, the Nordic Swan, the EU Ecolable from the European Union.  They are rightly proud of their achievements, for each guest staying for one night at a Scandic in 2006 released 1.5 kg less carbon dioxide, used 35 liters less water and left behind 1 kg less unsorted waste than 10 years ago.

The Delta system’s energy efficiency supported the four star Scandic Berlin win the Silver Medal from the German Sustainable building council DNGB.  The 737 Delta controllers continue to help the hotel’s integrated building management system perform efficiently.

The Delta system uses an ORCAweb server with a 19’ touch screen in every electrical panel as a graphical user interface.  The 2800 data points for central control of heating, cooling, AHU and the central vacuum cleaning were integrated in a very short construction time by Delta Partner Cofely.  Cofely fully integrated all the building management systems with the hotel management system Fidelio and smoke removal, sprinklers, fire and intrusion systems for seamless systems operations. 

Each guest of the 565 rooms can control their room automation via their TV remote control, which includes information on weather conditions linked to a weather station controlled by a Delta DACxx on the roof.  A great example of how Delta products fully programmable nature enables bespoke solutions.