Solution: Demand Response Rebates

Demand response rebates from utilities can be achieved when your building can automatically integrate to energy rate changes by switching core and non-core energy applications.

There are a variety of factors involved in taking advantage of the energy rebate programs offered by the various utility companies out there.  But these factors change state by state or province by province.  How can you be sure that your building automation system will allow you to take advantage of these savings?  What will you have to do to ensure that you have adequate metering and reporting?

Delta Controls has the tools to help take the challenge out of your local rebate system.  Utilize our enteliWEB operator workstation to record dates, times and generate reports with unprecidented simplicity.  Reports are configured in seconds with our drag and drop functionality.  Add multiple points to a report and enteliWEB will automatically configure them to show the data in a meaningful display.  Beyond simply displaying multiple lines, enteliWEB will automatically configure elements like bar graphs, automatic scaling and color coding to give you an intelligent display effortlessly.  All the elements are configurable so rely on the defaults or customize their appearance to match your existing reporting structure.  Use our GCL+ programming language to take advantage of load shedding opportunities.  All of our controllers are fully programmable so you can set up automatic load shedding in dynamic scenarios.  Configure every aspect of your system to turn off core systems when they’re not needed.  You won’t miss a single rebate opportunity with a Delta Controls system.

This means;

  • you’ll be able to create necessary rebate reports in seconds
  • display data meaningfully with our intelligent default configurations or customize your report to match any existing standards
  • use GCL+ to automatically handle load shedding scenarios


  • A powerful workstation server with unparalleled alarm and reporting functionality


  • Our intuitive programming language allowing for full customization of system operation