Solution: LEED Requirements


LEED requirements along with our LEED experience, can not only help "program" your building to be energy efficient, but our customizable energy dashboards will help you win LEED education component points.

Energy Dashboards are an excellent way to visualize energy usage in your facility.  They are simple and easy to understand, but are you really leveraging the full potential of your energy dashboard? 

When you’ve spent a lot of money to make your facility energy efficient, you need to let people know about your achievements.  Energy efficiency projects have the dual benefit of saving money and helping the environment.  It’s a win-win scenario for your facility, but without feeding this information back to your stakeholders, it may appear as if nothing is being done.  This is where an educational type of energy dashboard can help to raise the profile of your organization.  They allow your stakeholders, and your community, to see and interact with your building, engaging and motivating them to be accountable for their energy use.  This is why you can get LEED points for the education component of your energy saving project.

Delta’s Earthright™ Energy Dashboard is designed for exactly this purpose and can be installed on your facility’s WAN, on a display in the lobby, or on a touch screen kiosk.  It provides your facility’s stakeholders, whether they are students, faculty, tax payers, or tenants, with concrete evidence of your organization’s commitment to energy conservation.  Utilize Delta’s flexible GCL+ programming interface to take advantage of every energy saving opportunity.  With real time data and a robust library of functions, our programming platform will have all the tools you need. You’re improving your facility, now it’s time to let everyone know!

This means you will;

  • provide interactive, easy to understand, energy charts and green facts to building occupants.
  • educate tenants on exactly which energy saving projects were undertaken – from insulation and windows, to lighting and temperature.
  • receive LEED points to help you achieve a higher LEED rating
  • show community stakeholders that tax dollars are being spent to save money and improve the community

Earthright™ Energy Dashboard

  • Our energy management dashboard. Get the whole campus involved with fully interactive touch screen displays or serve information over the web


  • A programming tool virtually without limits, allowing experts the flexibility they need to implement any energy saving initiative